20 Great Storage Ideas for your Home

The perfect use of dead space!

The perfect use of dead space!

I love hearing fresh ideas about home storage solutions. There are so many great ideas out there if you are willing to have an open mind. These 20 ideas came from the Home Improvement Pages website in Australia. See which ones work for you!

In many homes, it can seem like there’s never enough room to store all of your items.  But there’s no need to put up with clutter.  Check out our top 20 storage ideas to get your home looking organized.

  1. Build some window seats for extra storage space.  By padding the lid, you’ll also create extra seating and you’ll have the perfect spot to curl up with a book.
  2. Fill any wasted space near the fridge with a built-in wine rack.
  3. Install hooks or a hanging rack at the front and back doors – these can hold coats, umbrellas, keys, or bags.
  4. Use the dead space underneath the hanging racks in your wardrobe.  Install permanent or temporary drawers, trolleys, crates or boxes.
  5. Use the space underneath the bed to store items that can fit in plastic containers with wheels.  These are ideal for storing out of season clothing or bedding.
  6. Free up floor space by mounting your television to the wall.
  7. A simple wooden ladder in the bathroom (bathroom) is an excellent way to gain more hanging space for towels.
  8. Fit a shelving system over the toilet to hold small items.
  9. Use a lazy susan in kitchen or bathroom cupboards to help you access items more easily.
  10. If you have a staircase, install shelves or cupboards underneath for instant extra storage room.
  11. Any items that you will not need to use for a while can be stored within your home’s roof space.
  12. Small boxes are useful for all kinds of odds and ends and can be placed anywhere.
  13. In the living areas, ottomans or footstools with storage space inside can be used to hold cushions and also brighten up the space.
  14. Use coffee tables that have storage space underneath to hold magazines or consider a funky magazine rack.

Read the full story here.

The 6 Wealthy Habits that Help You Manifest Wealth & Prosperity

Water and wealth go hand-in-hand in Feng Shui

The main reason I am in business is to help people create homes they love coming home to. I have clients who are very wealthy and clients who are spending their last cents with me as they desperately want to create a lovely atmosphere for themselves and their families.

But whatever their situation, the outcome is the same: harmony in the home.

Kathryn Weber is a Feng Shui consultant in Texas who had an article on this topic in her newsletter that I thought was fabulous so I wanted to share it with my readers:

Having a happy home life, successful career, ability to go and buy what you like when you want it, this brings happiness is true wealth.  There are many people who have money, but lack wealth.

One time my husband and I were shopping for a new home.  The houses were beautiful, but there is little furniture, or what’s there was of poor quality.  It’s as though the owner’s money went into the homes, but there was no money to furnish the beautiful home with beautiful belongings.

Is that a wealthy homeowner?  No.

That’s the paradox of wealth.  Having money (or a big house or a nice car) doesn’t mean you are wealthy any more than breathing makes you healthy.

Having real wealth is about having a beautiful home, but also the ability to furnish it beautifully.  Real wealth means you may have a wonderful car and beautiful home – but you also have accumulated wealth.  Accumulated wealth brings security, comfort, and is relaxing.

Real wealth is the abundant, accumulated resource that’s there for you to use as you wish when you wish, and that keeps your family and security safeguarded.  Money is easy, but simple money can become meaningless when it is only money and not wealth.  Creating wealthy habits will have the effect of lifting your personal energy – and that is a powerful attractant to more wealth.

1. Repair broken energy.
Broken energy comes from, well, broken things. When your door scrapes against the threshold, it imbues your home with negative, irrigating energy. If your dishes are chipped, you are eating off of broken energy. This drains positive wealth energy and makes your house drained and more yin.

Our houses must be energized and broken things bring the energy level down — and that affects our prosperity. Keep your clothes, your home, your car and your doors in good working order. What’s broken that is draining your energy?

2. Putting wealth in, not just out.
Too often in our lives, we become accustomed to money flowing in and out of our lives — and not accumulating. The money comes in, the bills get paid, and the money flows right back out again. Energizing your home and life for wealth means putting energy INTO it. This includes making deposits into your accounts. Get into the habit of putting money in instead of just paying out. This energy builds over time — and so does your bank account. And you’d be surprised how that will make you feel.

Do you have a retirement or savings account? If so, set up automatic weekly or monthly withdrawals. Or, join Bank of America’s program that rounds off purchases to the nearest dollar and puts the extra amount into a savings account. Do you buy a large Diet Coke or coffee every day? Stop and then put that money into a piggy bank. A $1.50 drink each day amounts to $547 at the end of a year. Are you drinking $500’s worth of diet sodas or daily coffee drinks?What’s important is that you see yourself as ACCUMULATING money, not just being a pass-thru for it.

3. Energize your home.
Keep your home energized with fresh paint, lush landscaping. Just like an employer matching your 401K (superannuation), match your home with an investment in beautifying and updating your surroundings. Unlike a car, money put into a home will be an investment that will pay you back in energy — and if you sell it — in dollars. More importantly, by energizing your home, you magnetize your home for wealth energy. Landscaping is a very important ingredient because it brings vital dragon energy to the home. Lush flowers, trees and plants are healthy and invigorating and lift the energy of the house.

4. Energize your image.
Many times when someone doesn’t feel good or feel like they look good, they have a stuffed closet. A closet that’s rammed with shoes and clothes that are outdated will cause you to feel outdated too! If you are ready to “look the part” of a wealthy, happy and abundantly prosperous person, turn to your closet to get rid of the clothing that no longer suits you or is part of an outdated image.

If you have weight to lose, this could be even more important for you! Pare down your closet – including those articles of clothing that you used to fit it but haven’t in a long time. Wealth energy means moving energy and when you are stuck in an old look and outdated image, this can stop the energy flowing to you.

5. Energize your finances.
Get a red wallet and checkbook, put your investment and banking account information and statements in red folders and put bills into blue or black folders so they aren’t energized. Have a small basket to hold bills — and keep it small so your bills stay small. Clean out and organize your financial files and your purse or wallet. Streamline your credit cards so that you don’t have too many, limiting them to three or less. Add grains of sea salt to your wallet to “draw” money, just like sea water will draw soreness away from ache-y muscles!

6. Believe.
Do you believe you can be wealthy and prosperous? Do you think you deserve it? Do you really FEEL that way or are you just intellectualizing it? It’s so important that you believe you are worthy of being a prosperous person, someone who doesn’t just make a living, but makes a life with the money you earn. Observe your thoughts about wealth and money and see if it’s really not you who is standing in the way of money.

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Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to receive her FREE Ebook “The Cash Register at Your Front Door” visit http://www.redlotusletter.com and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

How to create the perfect nursery…

Pretty as a picture...

My husband often sends me interesting articles he has found on the web, and one he sent through today was by an interior designer Laura di Mambro called “Create a nursery that is fun, funky and functional”. (Are you trying to tell me something dear?) I have a few girlfriends who are expecting at the moment so I thought it would be perfect to share around and inspire some creative ideas!


When picking a room to convert into a nursery, Laura suggests choosing the darkest and shadiest bedroom in the house as it will be more conducive to sleeping and far cooler in summer. In terms of layout, measure the room’s dimensions before you invest in furniture such as a cot, comfortable chair, change table and storage to ensure the basics will fit.

Colour cues

Think beyond traditional pink or blue in favour of a more modern neutral palette with subtle, colourful accents. Any and every colour is acceptable in moderation, and if painting the room, consider VOC-free paints, which do not release toxins. “As a nursery should be a peaceful and tranquil place, it is important not to introduce heavy colours, or bold feature walls, which could cause a child to be over-stimulated and impact on sleep,” Laura advises.


It is important to create a room that is conducive to sleep, particularly for very young babies. You need to be able to modulate the amount of daylight so invest in suitable window treatments such as shutters or black-out blinds. “Make sure the blinds are fitted correctly and ensure they are dark enough to block out the light,” Laura says.


Storage is a key priority when juggling baby paraphernalia, clothes and toys. “In addition to a robe and drawers for storing clothes, try to introduce a storage unit for toys, which is accessible, to encourage the child to play in their own room,” Laura suggests.

Read more about setting up a nursery here: http://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/sunshine-coast/create-a-nursery-that-is-fun-funky-and-functional/story-fn8zc5yo-1226084017329

5 steps to successfully styling a home office

The perfectly balanced home office

Need something to do this weekend? Why not restyle your home office. Here are 5 easy steps to get you on your way.

1. Declutter and organise: If you won’t want to do it yourself call a professional organiser who will customise an organisational and filing system that is tailor made to you and your workflow. While you are at it, also have a OH&S consultant check your desk and chair suitability.

2. Interior styling: Start with something that inspires you: a piece of artwork, a rug, a lamp, or an accessory that you love then build the room’s style and palette based on that.

3. Colour: You don’t have to paint the walls, you can bring colour in through soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs or cushions and through your storage items such as coloured in-trays and folders. This way you can also change it up when the mood strikes! Here are what some colour can do for the ambience:

•     Blues: imaginative and progressive
•     Yellow: cheerful and stimulating
•     Red: powerful and daring
•     Orange: adventurous and unique
•     Green: soothing and helps you think
•     Purple: ambitious and abundant

4. Lighting: At a minimum you need at least two sources of light; in addition to your overhead light, consider a desk lamp or a floor lamp that illuminates the desk.

5. Inspiration and motivation: Visual encouragement helps remind you of your accomplishments and goals on a daily basis and keeps you motivated.
•     Favourite painting or photo
•     Vision or goal board with pictures of dream holidays etc.
•     Gratitude board with client thank you notes etc.
•     Your business’s mission statement and your logo
•     Family photos and fresh flowers
•     An inspirational quote that speaks to you.

Luxury begins in the home…

I just looove cushions!

“When times are tough, people want their homes to be comfortable.”

So says interior designer Robyn McKendry of Magnolia Interiors in Brisbane, in a story in the Brisbane Courier Mail on the weekend by the home editor Ainsley Pavey.

“When people bunker down financially, they want quality. They are also staying at home more and doing their entertaining.”

Mark Alexander of Thomas and Alexander Interiors also says “Life has picked up pace and people want a cocoon to go home to; they are looking for a haven. They are looking for a permanence in their lifestyle and not something that will be washed away tomorrow.”

These comments are in relation to the new trend of upmarket home accessories stores emerging in the inner-city areas of Brisbane such as Wolloongabba, Paddington, New Farm, Ascot and Bulimba.

Designer fabrics, furniture and wallpaper are being imported for the growing number of home makers seeking professional advice on transforming their homes.

All I can say is bring it on! I love helping people transform their houses into havens that they love coming home to. And I love to spend hours in interiors homewares shops getting great ideas for clients (and for my own home).  What a great job I have.

PS – the glamorous gal in the pic is not me.