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The downsizing dilemma: when your furniture won’t fit out the door…

Will it fit? Or will it won't...

Will it fit? Or will it won’t…

Here is an interesting article from News.com.au that makes you think twice next time you wish to buy furniture:

OOOPS. Your favourite piece of furniture won’t fit through the door. What now?

You’ve moved into your dream home, apartment, terrace or townhouse. The trouble is, your beautiful couch (or desk, bookcase or bedhead) won’t fit up the stairs. What to do? It’s conundrum more common than you might think, Access Removals proprietor (and “head muscle”) Chris Papaspyru says.

Once it was pianos and billiard tables that caused headaches at moving time; now it’s everyday items such as dining tables, bedheads and even barbecues.

Changes to occupational health and safety laws means awkward and bulky furniture can no longer be hoisted over the side of a balcony by mates with a rope and a prayer.

Moving today can be a strategic operation requiring a crane and even street closures. And it’s not just the rich who need to call in the professionals.

Removal companies say shifting large items is a growing problem, whether it’s empty nesters downsizing to units or those trying to squeeze modern furniture into tiny terrace homes. Then there are those who order new furniture only to find it won’t fit.

Adding to the dilemma is that many new blocks have narrow stairwells and small lifts.


Wridgways marketing director Jane Riley says Sydney’s high-density, multi-storey living and hilly landscape accounts for a third of the firm’s most challenging jobs.

Complex moves can take days to plan and include an inspection and access check.

“Thirty years ago a lounge suite would be a three-seater and two arm chairs but these days it could be modular or recliners,” she says. We ask many questions to ascertain the best way to move these items.”

Read the full article here.


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