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Tired of pandemonium in your pantry?

The perfect pantry!

The perfect pantry! Photo courtesy of thelosthousewife.com

It can take only 30 minutes or 3 hours – but the pantry is the heart of the home when it comes to your family’s health! Here are five tips to get it sorted quickly:

  1. Pull out all items and check their expiry dates – no guessing what to do with the out-of-dates! Non-perishables that you no longer need can be donated to a local food bank.
  2. Setting your sights too high? If an ingredient is part of a complicated recipe or is rarely used (like Tapioca or capers) give them to someone who is a bit more creative in the kitchen who will use it.
  3. Put “like” with “like” – this way you can see you have 12 cans of tuna and four packets of flour.
  4. Assign a part of each shelf to a category – tins with tins, baking with baking. If you always put the same ingredients in a dish, store them together (eg spaghetti with pasta sauce and tomato paste) so you don’t have to search each time.
  5. Put all the loose items into little tubs so they don’t float around and get lost – especially small ones like spices, gravy packets, flavour bottles etc. The perfect solution to all those Tupperware pieces without lids!

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