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9 Steps to an Organised Garage

The perfect man-cave!

The perfect man-cave!

If your 2nd biggest asset (your car) is sitting out in the street while your garage is used as a storage shed it is time to set aside a weekend and get sorted!

1. Assess the clutter into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Toss.

2. Donate or Toss: either deliver or arrange for a pickup of items to be donated and put the toss items out with the garbage/recycling. Check out The Men’s Shed (link to http://www.mensshed.org/home/.aspx) for donating tools. They will love you!

3. Sort the Keep pile into their uses such as tools, car stuff, sports equipment, gardening etc.

4. Organise: assign each category an area in the garage and look at installing storage solutions such as cupboards or tubs for sports gear or a peg board system for tools.

5. Shelving: metal or plastic shelving is affordable, easy to assemble, able to withstand heat and humidity and will keep items off the ground safe from dampness.

6. Vertical space: Put up pegs or hooks for items like bikes, cords, hoses, gardening tools etc.

7. Storage: cardboard boxes will tend to bend and succumb to dampness. Plastic tubs protect contents and are easier to shift around on shelves.

8. Labelling: make sure you label plastic tubs for easier identification.

9. Move the car back in!

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