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A sneak preview of 2013…

Today’s guest post is by the fabulous Rosina Bond from Women 2 Success:

Do you feel energised, tired, lost or inspired?

The strong soul energies of this year brought about the inner and outer change that you have desired and for some there has been little rest. Many have gone through fundamental life changes and saw this year as a way to jump into the unknown and soar… did you?

October is a sneak preview of 2013.

We now move into October and this month gives us a window view of the potential and the pitfalls for 2013. For you to maximize this as an opportunity you simply need to be aware and take note of the following.

What comes up, do you feel energized, tired, lost or inspired?

How are your relationships?

What do you feel emotionally?

Is there anyone pushing your buttons and if so which ones?

How are your earnings and work?

How do you feel physically?

At the months end, take some time and overview how you felt and what you needed. This then allows you to include these insights into your goals for 2013 as you will know what is needed to support yourself next year to maximize your true potential.

This month is all about setting the tone, and you now have 13 weeks to clean, clear and complete 2012 and what this year has made you face to conquer.

Now is not the time to sweep things under the carpet but deal with them face them and do the necessary. If you complete this month with these tools in mind then you have a head start to next year and what an opportunity this is. This month gives you an opportunity to change outcomes by making a positive approach and clear decisions. Energy in means energy out; if you do the work you will reap the rewards.

This month will have a strong focus for money in general including business. The more attention to detail the better as there is a strong cause and effect associated to a 6 for those who ignore what is required will mean along drawn out process and not necessarily good. Don’t ignore instead deal with what you need to as the rewards are worth it.

Magnetism is increased and especially in relationship, there is a lovely undercurrent of sexual attraction and this can be a nice romantic time and especially for those who make the effort for a new relationship or an existing one.

Potential or new relationships – Often openings of the heart are easier and men especially find it easier to talk and I encourage you to make the most of this. if someone is not ready for this, then don’t push them rather go with the flow, use your instincts to feel your way through to gaining more.

Spiritual work and endeavors

This month also brings a stronger connection to spirit and is an ideal time for magic and magic practice for relationships of any kind, love, personal, and business and money matters. The way to connect is by taking the time to meditate or small ritual can be followed to gain insight and strength. Talk with like-minded people and share experience as we enter this amazing new consciousness.

If you need more specific ideas for clearings or enhancement remedies, please email me at rosina@pretoriamay.com

Also I have a few spaces left this month for those keen to work on them

‘Defining You’ is a four week series to help you do this, to help you clear the blocks that limit you from knowing and living. This series helps you reconnect to feel more empowered and stronger but most of all satisfied, even through times of challenge.

Go to http://www.woman2success.com/article/defining_you

Have a great month and remember to always embrace your intuitive self!

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