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How you can build the life you desire…

Today’s post is by the fabulous Rosina Bond from Women 2 Success. This is so true for me right now and no doubt many of my readers will also be able to relate:

Who knows what lies ahead?

How can you build the life you desire, attract a soul mate, build a business and create the financial freedom you deserve?

The startling reality is that, in spite of their dreams, many people are struggling financially, experiencing the pain of debt or bankruptcy, and living a life alone or in neglected relationships.

Why are so many people falling so far short of living the life they desire? What’s missing in them and why cant they find a solution. There are thousands of books to inspire you to gain a life of fulfillment and success but why does success come easy to some, while others struggle and fail?

The truth is, no one is missing anything and every individual has potential to take charge of their lives, no matter your circumstances, level of education, or business experience. Whatever fulfillment means to you, YOU have the innate ability to make your unique visions a reality. When you read this what do you feel, does your inside jump for joy or shrink with fear.

Being driven by a sense of purpose, making a difference in peoples lives reaching goals and targets that you have created from a small seed brings intense satisfaction.

When an opportunity knocks do you even recognise it and know what to do? Successful people grab opportunities and squeeze every drop out to attain more success, are they simply clever or lucky.

Many people do not take up opportunities due to fear of the unknown or fear of failure but moslty because they fear looking bad.

To create a dream you must first create a new mind set. You must develop a willingness to take risks, to find new ways of putting your dreams and desires in motion. The only way to achieve this is to look and find doorways open to success.

How often have you said about someone you know or a celebrity, they are lucky or were in the right place at the right time? Many people attain success, financial wealth and a great life style and called it luck. I know people create their own luck just as they attract negativity into their lives and this is all from their limiting belief or lack of desire to achieve and gain success.

Every cloud has a silver lining, one door closes another opens. We have all heard sayings like these and most of us have experienced them at least once.  How many people have left unhappy job or been made redundant and find the new job more exciting, more money and increased satisfaction, I know I have. So often these new situations were forced on us even though we complained constantly how unhappy we were but were too afraid to move as fear got the better of us. I believe your inner belief can create a negative opportunity to bring about the change you desire.

I have seen people in business become so negative and only see how hard business is, they no longer see any opportunities  and their belief slowly creates a negative door of opportunity and the business goes under. In these situations the initial feeling can be relief but slowly the feeling of failure can immobilise and restict them from jumping forward.

Opportunities are based on an open view and choice. When you get a chance you make choice. You can turn crisis and defeat into success and frustration into fulfilment. To embrace on opportunity you need courage and be willing to move and make sacrifise. It is easy to feel intimidated and ignore adventure and then you can lose out and remain standing where you are now.

You need a creative and adventurous mindset to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Someone comes to you with a business opportunity, it requires time, effort and resources and there is a cost. What is your first response, probably shock or intimidation by the costs! Next you find people who will confirm your worst fears, eventually you will be turned against the idea and again you stand still.

There is no shortage of opportunities in the world, only a shortage of opportunists. Successful people make the most of every circumstance. Opportunities happen at inopportune moments not convenient ones. Don’t get me wrong it is not easy to embrace change and create new; it takes hard work, perseverance and sheer determination to move forward. Don’t do the same as everyone else as you will only achieve the same or even diluted results.

The ways they think and behave literally set them up to fall short, therefore, leading them over and over again into patterns of frustration, helplessness, overwhelm then, ultimately, failure. They are taking the same actions each time expecting a different results which, as we all know by now, is the definition of insanity.

“Entrepreneurship,” says Sir Richard Branson, “is the golden highway to economic freedom, plus It’s an exciting and fun way to make a living.” More than a road to riches, entrepreneurialism is a path to true fulfillment. The experience of putting a great team together, launching a company from the seed of an idea, hitting every goal you set, and building wealth. To be driven by a sense of purpose, ideally, making a positive difference in your life and others.

One Reason people struggle to see how they can embrace change is…they act as if the very thing they aspire for is something outside themselves when in actual fact it has been thee all the time. What life are you aspiring to live now? And how can you get it.

I would love to hear from you and for you to share with me what you feel is blocking you in your quest. I am offering 5 people from Kerri Rodley’s contacts a change to get a free 1-question reading from me. All I need is for you to tell me your date of birth, first name and what you want to achieve and why you feel blocked. I will email you back with anything I pick up on this and what options you have ahead.

To receive this special offer, please email Rosina: roselore@xtra.co.nz




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