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Rediscover your emotional self and empower you again

Today’s guest blog post is by Rosina Bond.  Rosina is a 4th generation clairvoyant with a passion for Numerology and Lunar energies. Rosina was taught the spiritual arts and lore’s by her mother Clarice who worked spiritually with many business people and individuals professionally in Auckland New Zealand for many years.

Learn to let go…

I have always considered myself a positive person who approaches life intuitively and thoughtfully. Working in such a way gives me windows of light and an alternate view to my life and those of many women I work with.

Women are amazing, how they manage and approach life, fitting so much into each day. Women expect so much of them and often over deliver to their own detriment.

Lets face it… women are givers, nurturer’s and always there to help everyone and often leave them selves last.

Do you constantly give and push yourself to get everything done; this becomes draining and slowly drains your passion and disempowers you.

When you lose touch with your feelings and emotions you lose touch with who you are but worst of all you can lose your passion for life and your true purpose. Often becoming emotional and reactionary to those closest to you.

When you constantly give out and drain yourself you end up in a routine that starts fast and early each day and ends late at night, often without a simple thought for you, waking, feeling as drained as you finished the night before.

Some women can do this for years until a crisis hits…  he walks out or they get sick.

We have all done this or know someone doing this. Why do we all do this to varying degrees and when those wake up calls come calling, it can often a shocking relief. Why get here, why does it often take a shock or crisis to allow you to stop and think and consider you and your emotional self and what you want.

I meet a lot of women who are at the beginning of a marriage split or a mid life crisis, as we start to talk and digest what has been going on they often acknowledge they didn’t see it coming, then they finally acknowledge how they feel.

The common theme is always personal neglect and I often hear those words… I don’t know what I want anymore and I don’t know how I feel. We start to talk and as I slowly undo the layers of energy they start to feel again and the empowerment heart opens.

Out of a crisis comes clarity, you always slow down and breathe. These are times when you go inward and look for your feelings you have buried and once you have sorted the grief, you always get a clear picture and rediscover you.

You don’t have to get to crisis to be in touch with your emotional self or to find who you are and what you want. You can empower yourself daily and rediscover where you want to be in five years. You don’t need to lose yourself entirely in your family, work or anything else. You can acknowledge your busy but you can always stay in touch with your emotional self, to connect to your fire and empower you as this will increase your passion, energy and drive.

Start now by asking yourself. What do I want? By staying in touch you open yourself spiritually to knowledge; your instincts are there to help you, doors will open and your relationships will become stronger.

When your feeling tired and over whelmed. Stop take a step back and ask yourself how you feel and what do you need now. When a woman works on an emotional intuitive level you have resources available to you that you wont find anywhere else on the planet, as they are unique and individual to you. When I crash I go on a five week self discovery adventure, I eat better and take oil baths, have massage and read as many wonderful stories as I can find about women discerning their strengths.

Talking to other like-minded women also helps gain clarity and clear clutter. When you stay in touch with your emotional self this is also the center of your passionate self and how to connect to the fire with in. Not only will you feel better but you will read those around you better and you wont miss those signals to avoid potential threats.

I encourage you to stay in touch with you each and every day. Some of our most prominent powerful women are emotionally involved with themselves and I encourage you to do the same. Women are now discovering themselves in new ways and taking on the business and political world in mass. What do you want now?

Take a look at this TED on how women in war zones are building world class business and succeeding with passion and pride.

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women entrepreneurs, example not exception


Also another woman to inspire Hanna Rosin: New data on the rise of women


For more information on Rosina go to: http://www.rosinabond.com/about.php

Editor – Woman2Success – www.woman2success.com


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