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Untidy Yet Organised!

OK – maybe this is going a bit too far…

On the topic of home office organisation, I recently read this blog post from Unclutterer.com and it resonated so well with me (even though I am a professional organiser) that I just had to share it. It just proves my point – your home doesn’t have to look like the pages out of Vogue to be organised – as long as it works for you!

“Every few months I succumb to an urge to transform my home office into a museum exhibit. I spent hours arranging my office and finding a home for everything. Within a week, the piles returned, as did the guilt. Clearly, I’m not one of those tidy, on-top-of-things people.

When I finish a day’s work, I look at my Mac’s desktop. Screenshots, photos, snippets of text, emails and so forth fill the screen, strewn here and there. Before I throw it all way, I consider the jumble. That’s the evidence of a day’s work.

So is the stuff in my office.

I pulled ideas or reference material from those books. The photos reminded me of something or someone I love (like my kitchen from my childhood home in Scranton). The papers hold all sorts of goodies — contracts I’ve signed, drawings from the kids, numbers I’ve called, arrangements I’ve made.

This is the evidence of my work. Some would put the book on a shelf after reading. I’d rather simply put it down and start writing. I like the photos where they are so I can reference them anytime. I work hard, and this stuff is a part of the result.

Untidy and Organized

There’s a very important distinction to make here. Namely, the huge difference between processed and unprocessed stacks. A random pile of stuff that contains items you can’t even identify is not acceptable. I’m not condoning an amorphous heap of who-knows-what, nor should your office become a huge inbox.

Everything in my office has been processed and assigned an appropriate home. That is to say, I look at every item and ask myself:

What is it? A task? A project? Trash or reference material?

What must be done? File it? Toss it? Add to a project or task list?

Where does it live? A folder, cabinet, desk, etc?

Once I’ve determined the answer to each question, I act accordingly. That way, everything is where it ought to be. Even if its home is a small pile on the corner of my desk.

Well Enough

How precisely organized should I be? Enough to pass a white glove test? No. That’s not going to happen, and imposing that ideal on myself is actually counter-productive. So, I stay organized enough to achieve my goals. Today, I achieve what I’m after, stacks and all. I’m okay with it. I have things I love around me, like photos, drawings and Disney Vinylmations. It’s working and, more importantly, I am.

When I was younger, my grandmother’s house was kept like a museum. It was gorgeous and sterile. My office is a working space. Stuff gets done, and dust is raised. Detritus is strewn about. Like a potter who goes home with clay on his jeans, I get messy when I work.

 But the result is beautiful.

Read the original article here: http://unclutterer.com/2012/07/12/untidy-and-organized/

2 thoughts on “Untidy Yet Organised!

  1. Beautiful! I remember ages ago, I was having trouble with filing things (I’m not a natural filer) and I found an article on “filing for creative people” on the daytimer website. The first line brought tears of gratitude to my eyes… “First of all, there is nothing wrong with you.”

    Awesome. I must’ve looked like a complete twit, with tears in my eyes, reading an article about filing on my pc at work… but hey, they were used to that! 🙂 I agree, if you can actually do work without stuff falling on the floor, and you can put your hands on that piece of paper you had within a minute, and you’re still productive, then filing begone! Do it when you get time and inclination. 🙂

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