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8 tasks to help you focus on work during the silly season!

Sing it with me "only 4 more weeks til Christmas..."

Although it isn’t even December as yet, you can feel it in the air – the silly season is coming! Parties, holidays, shopping, decorating – this is the time of year when our minds are thinking of everything else – except work!

Here are some fab tasks from Unclutterer.com that will help to get you through these last weeks before you can indulge and have some well earned rest.

  1. File. Put on headphones (if they are acceptable in your workplace), and start putting papers away where they belong. If all your papers are filed, review your files to make sure you’re not keeping any information that doesn’t need to be archived. Organize your papers so that they help you do your job.
  2. Review your bulletin board. How recent are all those items hanging on the walls of your cubicle or bulletin board? Can you easily see all of the most vital information? Is the calendar from two years ago? Is there anything that can come down or be replaced?
  3. Clean your phone and work surface. When was the last time you scrubbed either? The dust bunnies behind your monitor aren’t going to clean themselves.
  4. Enter information off business cards. If you’ve recently acquired business cards from important contacts, enter the data into your address book.
  5. Backup your computer. If it’s not doneautomatically, now is a great time to backup the information off your computer’s hard drive. Be sure to follow your employer’s system for doing this task.
  6. Unclutter your bookshelves. Do you have any out-dated manuals or irrelevant reading materials taking up space on your bookshelves? Now is a great time to recycle, shred, or remove these items from your office.
  7. Equipment check. Are you using all of your equipment in your office? Is it in its best possible shape? Could you benefit more by knowing how to better operate the equipment you do have? Make a request to have the item serviced or take the time to read the operator’s manual or get rid of anything you don’t use.
  8. Restock. Do you need more tape, more pens, more notepads, or any more office supplies? Go “shopping” in the supply closet if you do

To read more go here: http://unclutterer.com/2011/11/21/have-vacation-brain-at-work-try-some-of-these-mindless-but-productive-activities/

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