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10 Step Wardrobe Detox

From cluttered to clear - and ready for more clothes!

Isn’t it amazing the way the Universe works. No sooner has I organised an event to declutter your wardrobe and sell the proceeds to my China Moon Bear Challenge  but there was an article in the Sunday Mail here in Brisbane QLD yesterday talking about this very thing!

It was called “Out of the Closet” and listed 10 steps for a wardrobe detox:

  1. Ban wire hangers. They rust onto the clothes and stretch out of shape.
  2. Bin dry-cleaning plastic. It encourages mould and cloth deterioration.
  3. Store out of season items in enclosed breathable fabric bags.
  4. Avoid mites and stains by cleaning clothes before returning to the closet or storage.
  5. Be ruthless. Purge clothes you haven’t worn all year and put them in the giveaway/donate pile.
  6. Create a capsule closet. A rotatable collection of mix n match basics.
  7. Invest in quality. A great suit, a perfect pencil skirt, a sharply tailored jacket and a flattering little black dress.
  8. Use padded, wooden or side plastic hangers and sealed clear shoe boxed to keep the dust out.
  9. Donate or store last season’s trends they won’t be back for a while.
  10. Update to this season – but do so wisely.  Buy accessories in trends rather than a whole new wardrobe.
To learn more about my China Moon Bear Rescue Challenge visit my Facebook page here:  http://www.facebook.com/Help.Rescue.The.Bears

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