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Dirty Jobs: Some body’s gotta do ’em! A day in the life as a Professional Organiser…

The things we do for the media!

I was recently featured in an article titled: “Muck and money: meet the gunge-busters” in the Sydney Morning Herald.com.au that outlined a particularly challenging job I did in the name of fame: appearing on Australia’s Today Show. I thought I would share it with you:

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 1 july 2011 by David Wilson.

Where there’s muck, there’s money, apparently. So, instead of fixating on founding the new Scoopon or Spreets, ponder the market for people willing to get their hands dirty: people dealing with dirt, bugs and poo – dry-heave heroes often told “You couldn’t pay me to do that”.

Brisbane-based domestic organiser Kerri Rodley tackles the works: dirt, spiders and faeces. Before launching on June 30, 2009, Rodley was a marketing manager. The best part of “decluttering” is the relief of clients, she says.

Decluttering takes a huge weight off their shoulders and makes them love their home again, she says. The biggest headache is tackling “really grotty jobs”, the queen of clean says, citing spiders and pet droppings.

During one grotty assignment for the Today show she cleaned a fridge soaked in the Queensland floods, taking out all removable parts and mopping every surface and crevice with antibacterial detergent.

The “particularly rotten number from Bellbowrie” had been left stocked-up by the road for two weeks.

“The stench was so bad that myself and the crew were dry-retching right before we went to air…never again!” Rodley says.

Her messy work brings her far less money than marketing she admits. But she describes helping others make their homes into “organised stylish sanctuaries” as “a passion” and adds that the big bucks will come.

Some organisers sickened by dirty, draining hands-on work, earn six figures as trainers, speakers and authors, she says. Her tip: be compassionate and empathetic – listen and gain the clients’ trust.

Read the entire article here: Muck and Money: Meet the Gunge Busters 


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