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How to create the perfect nursery…

Pretty as a picture...

My husband often sends me interesting articles he has found on the web, and one he sent through today was by an interior designer Laura di Mambro called “Create a nursery that is fun, funky and functional”. (Are you trying to tell me something dear?) I have a few girlfriends who are expecting at the moment so I thought it would be perfect to share around and inspire some creative ideas!


When picking a room to convert into a nursery, Laura suggests choosing the darkest and shadiest bedroom in the house as it will be more conducive to sleeping and far cooler in summer. In terms of layout, measure the room’s dimensions before you invest in furniture such as a cot, comfortable chair, change table and storage to ensure the basics will fit.

Colour cues

Think beyond traditional pink or blue in favour of a more modern neutral palette with subtle, colourful accents. Any and every colour is acceptable in moderation, and if painting the room, consider VOC-free paints, which do not release toxins. “As a nursery should be a peaceful and tranquil place, it is important not to introduce heavy colours, or bold feature walls, which could cause a child to be over-stimulated and impact on sleep,” Laura advises.


It is important to create a room that is conducive to sleep, particularly for very young babies. You need to be able to modulate the amount of daylight so invest in suitable window treatments such as shutters or black-out blinds. “Make sure the blinds are fitted correctly and ensure they are dark enough to block out the light,” Laura says.


Storage is a key priority when juggling baby paraphernalia, clothes and toys. “In addition to a robe and drawers for storing clothes, try to introduce a storage unit for toys, which is accessible, to encourage the child to play in their own room,” Laura suggests.

Read more about setting up a nursery here: http://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/sunshine-coast/create-a-nursery-that-is-fun-funky-and-functional/story-fn8zc5yo-1226084017329


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