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Moving home with Feng Shui

I was recently interviewed for an article on using Feng Shui when moving home that was published in WA Today so I thought I would share it with you my readers:

Moving in mysterious ways
Mary Costelly WA Today Domain Property section June 21, 2011

The key to your new home starts with Feng Shui

If you’re interested in applying the principles of Feng Shui to your life, moving into a new home is an ideal time to start.

 Feng Shui consultant, Kerri Rodley of Domestic Downsizing in Brisbane, says Feng Shui is about the energy or Chi flowing through the home. She believes that houses have memories which must be cleared before new occupants make a fresh start.
“The energy of all past events that happened in the space will still linger inside,” she says. “When you move into a new space, it’s a good idea to do some space clearing with candles, incense or smudge sticks.

Give the entire house a very thorough clean, open all the windows to let the air flow through, then do some space clearing with candles, incense or smudge sticks.”

Kerri recommends preparing for the move by placing welcoming items in the home, such as beautiful flowers, fruits, plants or some of your favourite music.

“Buy your house a gift that you absolutely love,” she says. “It can be as small as a candle or as large as a new piece of furniture.

This should be the first object that you move into the house. And don’t move all the boxes into the house at once; leave them in the garage and bring them in one at a time.”

Kerri endorses the old tradition that you should never bring an old broom to a new home.

“Buy new cleaning equipment because this is a new space – you won’t want to ‘sweep in your old troubles’ with the broom from your last house.

If possible, hire a professional service company to clean your space 3 to 4 days before you move in.  You don’t want your first act in your new space to be drudgery. It should be a happy, expectant event.”

Kerri recommends incorporating as many natural elements as possible into the home, such as plants, water and organic scents, and discourages the use of unhealthy or toxic substances.

She believes good Feng Shui also complements a green approach to living, as both promote health and wellbeing, and she offers the following tips to anyone moving house:

Place live plants in your home – Live plants breathe life into and around a home. Try growing herbs to use in the kitchen.

Use native rather than exotic plants as exotics may have been transported greater distances, leaving a larger carbon footprint. Plants with round leaves, such as Jade, are especially good for promoting prosperity.

Encourage natural light – It’s great for the energy of your home to allow bright, natural light to flow throughout the space, and it minimises energy usage at the same time.

Hang light rather than heavy curtains, and open doors and windows as much as possible to let in fresh air. For electric lighting, use dimmer switches to set a mood and adjust the chi for the time of day.

Get rid of the clutter – Having superfluous or unwanted items around can disrupt the positive energy in your home. Declutter and simplify your life for good Feng Shui.

Accumulate less so that your home and life are organised and free flowing. An orderly, clutter-free space is the best Feng Shui foundation for a new home.

Cut down on electronics – especially in the bedroom. The best scenario is to have no electronics in the bedroom at all. The television is a definite no-no as it will disrupt the calming flow of the bedroom.

Balance – We all want prosperity and more positive energy in our lives, but taking less and giving more back to the earth will help promote an atmosphere of balance which is essential in Feng Shui.

You will not only be promoting green responsibility, but you will be creating an opening for more good things to enter your life.

Read more of the article here: http://watoday.domain.com.au/real-estate-news/moving-in-mysterious-ways-20110617-1g7pe.html


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