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How Your Clutter Can Create Financial Chaos!

Clutter = money down the drain!

The June edition of the Domestic Downsizing newsletter “Innovative Organising Ideas”  is out today! Our feature story (besides celebrating our 2nd birthday!) is topical for the end of the financial year: How clutter can create financial chaos.

Have you ever gone to the shops to buy an item (again) that you already had but you couldn’t find?

Have you ever cleaned up your desk and found a gift certificate or cheque that are now out of date and can no longer be cashed?

Have you ever gone through the pantry for an ingredient or the bathroom cabinet for a lovely perfume and found they are expired?

Have you ever lost a valuable item such as jewellery or a treasured heirloom due to clutter?

All these scenarios end up as money down the drain. And usually tears. Besides improved health, the number one benefit that my clients notice after they declutter their homes is how it affects their finances – strange but true!

Apart from the minor wins where they would find money in the sofa cushions or unbanked cheques on their desk, it was the SAVINGS they made which was the major difference.

Having a cluttered home often means you don’t know where things are. If you can’t find something, you might assume you no longer have it and you buy another one.

This used to happen to a client constantly with groceries. Her pantry was so cluttered and full that she was almost too scared to open it. She would think of a recipe she wanted to make, open the doors to take a quick survey of items that she could see but there was so much food she couldn’t see what she had so off she would go to the shop to buy more. Just think of how much money she wasted buying food that she didn’t need to buy.

You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save by just finding what food you already have in your kitchen. After organising my client’s kitchen, she started to spend only 25% of what she used to spend on groceries.

This same concept goes for everything else in your home. If you buy lots of clothes you usually end up with more clothes than you could ever wear in a lifetime. If you can’t see what clothes you have, it’s easy to forget what you already have in your closet and you know what comes next: “I’ve got nothing to wear!”

If you keep seasonal things stored out of view when you’re not using them, make a list of everything you pack away so you’ll know what you have. Then you won’t end up buying a duplicate. It’s never a bargain if you didn’t need it to begin with!

Read the rest of the article herehttp://www.e-mailmarketing.com.au/solsen/domestic_downsizing/10_Domestic_Downsizing_Declutter_and_Design_eNewsletter_Clutter_Creates_Financial_Chaos.html

Read the entire enewsletter herehttp://www.atcbiz.com.au/ems/archives.php?n=j4dgwx9rpw&c=3tgsczjemf



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