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5 steps to successfully styling a home office

The perfectly balanced home office

Need something to do this weekend? Why not restyle your home office. Here are 5 easy steps to get you on your way.

1. Declutter and organise: If you won’t want to do it yourself call a professional organiser who will customise an organisational and filing system that is tailor made to you and your workflow. While you are at it, also have a OH&S consultant check your desk and chair suitability.

2. Interior styling: Start with something that inspires you: a piece of artwork, a rug, a lamp, or an accessory that you love then build the room’s style and palette based on that.

3. Colour: You don’t have to paint the walls, you can bring colour in through soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs or cushions and through your storage items such as coloured in-trays and folders. This way you can also change it up when the mood strikes! Here are what some colour can do for the ambience:

•     Blues: imaginative and progressive
•     Yellow: cheerful and stimulating
•     Red: powerful and daring
•     Orange: adventurous and unique
•     Green: soothing and helps you think
•     Purple: ambitious and abundant

4. Lighting: At a minimum you need at least two sources of light; in addition to your overhead light, consider a desk lamp or a floor lamp that illuminates the desk.

5. Inspiration and motivation: Visual encouragement helps remind you of your accomplishments and goals on a daily basis and keeps you motivated.
•     Favourite painting or photo
•     Vision or goal board with pictures of dream holidays etc.
•     Gratitude board with client thank you notes etc.
•     Your business’s mission statement and your logo
•     Family photos and fresh flowers
•     An inspirational quote that speaks to you.


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