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17 time wasting habits you need to stop

Let's Go - time's a wastin!

Here are some good ideas from another great time management blog: Productivity 501.  This is a list of 17 things you should not be doing any more because they waste time. Old habits die hard and it can be difficult to shift yourself from an old familiar way of doing something to a new, better way.

Take a look at the list and see if there is anything you can change to help make you more productive. If you have any suggestions please add them in the comments:

  1. Manually Depositing a Paycheck — That is what direct deposit is for.  If you spend 15 minutes every two weeks dealing with depositing your paycheck that is 65 hours over the next 10 years. Put this time to better use.
  2. Writing Cheques for Bills – That is what online banking is for. Use this time for something worthwhile.
  3. Partially Filling Up with Petrol — Yes it might go down 3 cents next week, but how much is your time really worth.
  4. Looking for your Keys or Mobile phone — Always put them in the same place (hook by the door, etc).
  5. Unpacking your Laptop or Mobile phone Power Adaptor — If you go from work to home with your laptop, get an extra adaptor for each work area so you don’t have to unpack and crawl under the desk each time.
  6. Check Multiple Email Boxes — Get a program that will show you all your email in one place or filter by individual accounts. iphones have this cabability.
  7. Watching Commercials — Tape shows on your planner if you have one or just skip television all together.  Buy the shows you want to watch off iTunes.
  8. Losing Telephone Numbers — Your mobile phone should sync with your computer.  We are past the days where a phone only held 25 numbers.  If someone calls, take the few seconds to record their name in your phone, so it will be transferred next time you sync your computer.
  9. Commuting to seminars — Take your classes online or via webinars.  Spend your commute time studying instead of driving.
  10. Commuting Through Heavy Traffic — Talk to your boss about working from home–even for just a few days a week.  Shift your schedule to miss rush hour.

2 thoughts on “17 time wasting habits you need to stop

  1. I have one real time waster checking emails more than twice a day! I found that by checking my emails and then actioning things straight away I became a slave to my MAC! Once in the morning and once in the afternoon is all I (try) to do.
    Love the blog keep up the good work!

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