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A 6 step plan to organise your desk drawer

My calculator is in here somewhere...

It doesn’t matter how organised you are (and I consider myself pretty organised considering I am a professional organiser), your desk drawer reflects your state of busy-ness. The busier you are the messier it will be. If only we had plenty of time to rearrange our post-it notes and highlighters.

Here is a strategy from Unclutterer.com for helping you curb the clutter from your desk drawer (which incidentally can also be used for the utensils drawer in the kitchen or toiletries cupboard in the bathroom):

  • Take all of the supplies out of the drawer and put them in a small box.
  • Clean out your desk organizer and the drawer.
  • Go about your work.
  • When you need an item, take it out of the box, use it, and then put it away in the top desk drawer.
  • After five days have passed, review the items that made it into the top desk drawer and make sure that they are organized in the best way for your needs.
  • The items that remain in the box on your desk do not belong in the prime real estate of your top desk drawer.
  • Sort through the items and toss out, recycle, or pass along to a co-worker anything that is pure clutter in your desk.
  • Find a shelf or lower drawer where the items you need but use less frequently can be stored.

Another top desk drawer organizing idea: While on your next phone call, give all of your pens a test drive to make sure that they work.

Read some other great suggestions from readers here: http://unclutterer.com/2011/03/21/bringing-order-to-your-top-desk-drawer/


6 thoughts on “A 6 step plan to organise your desk drawer

  1. I love this post and I think I will adopt it for other draws and also the car glove compartment! Everything ends up there! Great post and great idea!

  2. great idea I love it! Have done this with kitchen utensils but never thought of it for a desk drawer.

    One thing I find that helps with my desk drawers is having drawer organizers that are deep. Some are so shallow that things do not stay in them so everything gets mixed together, getting one that has deep compartments helps to keep things where you put them when you are putting them back. Or a cheaper alternative is small boxes…all about containerizing 🙂

  3. Kerri, your ideas are so simple yet we don’t have the time to think simply. We’re all too buy chasing the complex things. Thank you for being the one with focus and clarity, and for bringing it to us with your familiar cheery goodwill!

    I’m grabbing a box right now! 🙂

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