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7 top tips to organising jewellery

Jewllery as art!

Everyone has their own organising style so therefore when it comes to something as simple as jewellery, there are as many different options as there are colours!

There are some great ways to organise your jewellery – hooks on doors, compartmentalised jewellery boxes, tool boxes from the hardware store, cutlery trays, etc. Don’t know what the best solution is for you? Here are 7 tips to get you started:

  1. Go through all your jewellery and sort through what you have (earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc) and how many you have before you rush out and buy any storage solutions.
  2. Now determine what is your organising style is. Do you like you jewellery on show on hooks so you can see what you have? Do you prefer to have it neatly hidden away in boxes or drawers? Or do you like to have it all lumped in together in a basket for a “lucky dip” style?
  3. If you like having your colourful beads on display so you can pick and choose what to wear each day, you can start with just a couple of hooks on the inside of your wardrobe door.
  4. If you have a nice dressing table, you may wish to hook your earrings over the edge of a lovely cocktail glass, an antique tea cup or a fancy jewellery tree or figurine.
  5. I personally love ice cube trays or fishing tackle boxes to hold all my different types of jewellery – one for earrings, one for rings and one for those big “in your face” statement pieces. The tackle boxes are great for travel too as they have lids so nothing can get lost or tangled up. A similar option is a cutlery organiser that can be used for long beads or necklaces that can easily fit into a drawer or on a shelf.
  6. For those who love having the jewellery out in the open on the wall, a pegboard is a great idea. You could even paint the board in a colour to suit your room and put it in a frame like a work of art. You can easily screw hooks into the holes and voila! Pin-boards also work in the same way for the more delicate items that aren’t too heavy and even a flyscreen in a frame works for thread-through earrings.
  7. There are plenty of commercially available jewellery organisers such as jewellery boxes, velvet drawers boxes, velvet pouches (great for travel), over-the-door jewellery pouches; but if you want to save some $$, just look around the house and use your imagination!

6 thoughts on “7 top tips to organising jewellery

  1. These are great ideas, but if you have jewellery that has value to you ($ or sentimental) please don’t leave it out in the open! I say this from experience as our house has been broken into twice and twice all my jewellery that wasn’t secreted away was stolen. None of it had commercial value, but you can’t replace sentimental gifts.

    • Yes quite right Mel. I hide my valuables in a random container in my bathroom (oops I hope no thieves are reading this!) I am sorry to hear about your jewellery being stolen, it is an awful feeling knowing that people have been amongst your belongings, let alone stealing them.

  2. Some great tips – thanks for sharing! I always seem to have an endless supply of jewellery and need some way to organise it, so that I know what piece I need by looking at them directly 🙂

  3. I really like the idea of the icecube tray and teacup for earings. Thanks for finally giving me an idea of where to put my studs (icecube tray)

    • They are the perfect storage for those small earrings aren’t they? Another option is fishing hook containers as they have lids and you can flip them over so you have both sides!

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