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Luxury begins in the home…

I just looove cushions!

“When times are tough, people want their homes to be comfortable.”

So says interior designer Robyn McKendry of Magnolia Interiors in Brisbane, in a story in the Brisbane Courier Mail on the weekend by the home editor Ainsley Pavey.

“When people bunker down financially, they want quality. They are also staying at home more and doing their entertaining.”

Mark Alexander of Thomas and Alexander Interiors also says “Life has picked up pace and people want a cocoon to go home to; they are looking for a haven. They are looking for a permanence in their lifestyle and not something that will be washed away tomorrow.”

These comments are in relation to the new trend of upmarket home accessories stores emerging in the inner-city areas of Brisbane such as Wolloongabba, Paddington, New Farm, Ascot and Bulimba.

Designer fabrics, furniture and wallpaper are being imported for the growing number of home makers seeking professional advice on transforming their homes.

All I can say is bring it on! I love helping people transform their houses into havens that they love coming home to. And I love to spend hours in interiors homewares shops getting great ideas for clients (and for my own home).  What a great job I have.

PS – the glamorous gal in the pic is not me.


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