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Day one in New Zealand…

Meeting the inspirational Julie Morgenstern!

Today is actually day 2 in New Zealand but the first day was the plane trip and dinner with my family in Sumner, which I am sure you don’t really want to read about…however I did rearrange their lounge room before I left. Hey, I am an organiser/stylist afterall!

So day 2 in NZ but day 1 at the Professional Organisers Conference in Christchurch and my head is already spinning!

Not only did I get to meet Julie Morgenstern, a world famous professional organiser from the US (who shared her ideas on a good business model with me – thank you Julie!) but who also gave us all some fabulous inspiration to move forward and help make the world a more organised place, one client at a time!

It is soooo refreshing to be part of an industry that is all about sharing and support rather than competing for clients. There are more than enough cluttered and disorganised folks around the world for all of us to help. How does it get any better than that?

I can’t wait until tomorrow…now time for the gala dinner!

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