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When opportunity knocks, are you ready?

Waving opportunity my way on The Today Show

The Queensland floods have been a devastating event, yet as with any major setback or roadblock, there is always opportunity. Getting the state back on its feet takes the expertise of many and sharing this expertise via the media is a big help to many who don’t know what to do.

And this is how my opportunity came from left field – appearing on the Today Show showing flood affected people how to salvage their damaged furniture. I didn’t see it coming, but I jumped straight up and grabbed hold – I didn’t want to let this fantastic PR opportunity pass me by.

In my email in box this morning was another excerpt from a book called Money, Meaning & Beyond by Andrea J. Lee talking on this very thing so I wanted to share it with you all:

In any given business, the growth of the business will rise or fall to the level of the business owner’s personal development.

I see it frequently.

When people grow, their business grows. When people don’t, their businesses don’t.  and sometimes, when businesses get inherited or acquired, the business will show a spurt or dive, based on the ethos of the new owner.

When opportunity knocks, are you ready?

If you knew you could have everything you wanted right now, would you know what to say?

Are you – your character, your development, your greater Self – ready?

Here are some things to really embrace as you go about life in the next thirty days:

  • Saying NO to bland. Stand for something.
  • Cultivating a vision. Get clear about what you believe and mean it.  Lead.
  • Conditioning yourself emotionally. You and your business will weather many ups and downs.
  • Nurture your strength of spirit just like you work out your body for the great race.
  • Articulate what you want and why. Don’t worry about how just yet.
  • Being prepared to say a resounding ‘yes’ to help that wants to find you, and that many times, is sitting right on your doorstep.

Be diligent and unflinching about yourself and your growth.  Start now in whatever shape or form that looks like to you.

Your success (financial and other) as a business owner is DIRECTLY linked to your ability to evolve yourself.

To find out more go here: http://www.andreajlee.com/blog/archives/2011/01/19/feature-article-the-paul-principle-for-better-or-worse-it%E2%80%99s-all-about-you-excerpted-from-the-money-meaning-and-beyond-book-chapter-26/


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