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Keeping positive in the face of adversity

The devastation of the flash flood

I don’t feel like writing in my blog today – I feel physically sick after watching the flash flood scenes in Toowoomba where tragically 8 people lost their lives yesterday. Apparently we in Brisbane will feel the force of these floods either today or tomorrow.

Instead I am sharing the positive words of a friend who pretty much hit the nail on the head: Robyn Simpson from “Choose the Tude” who is running a 30 Day Tude Challenge on Facebook for the New Year. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_143080859080707&ap=1

Hi all!
I hope you’re keeping dry and safe. This rain in QLD is amazing! I feel for the people who have been evacuated from their homes (some twice), and for the loss of life in such a freak natural disaster.

Sometimes life happens, and not as we plan it. Things from beyond our control affect our happy equilibrium. This is when the power of your ‘Tude really pulls through. It’s what we choose to do with what life throws at us that makes the difference between a positive life experience and a miserable one.

The same thing happens with goals… life happens—what do you choose to do about it? Today’s ‘Tude Tip is a gentle reminder that even when things aren’t going as you plan or visualise, you can still choose to find a positive side to them. Sometimes these ‘happenings’ are a blessing in disguise.

I can almost guarantee, once you have moved through adversity with a positive ‘Tude, you can handle anything!

The other positive that comes from a diversity such as the floods is the generosity of fellow humans… as of yesterday nearly $30,000,000 has been raised through donations.

If you want to contribute you can do so on the QLD government site http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

Keep dry, keep safe and keep positive.
With Grati-Tude!


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