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Decluttering Dilemma – Moving in together!

Starting a new life together - one box at a time!

Moving in together is such a big decision – the last thing you want to do is complicate matters by introducing your new partner to your old clutter.  Before you begin to combine your households, take a read of some helpful hits from Erin at Unclutterer.com:

  • Get rid of your clutter before you move. There must be things in your current place you don’t even like or want to move, so get rid of this stuff immediately. Donate the good stuff to charity or give it away or sell it and recycle or trash the rubbish. Don’t move your clutter into your new place.
  • Unpack your boxes together in your new place. Have a glass of wine, play upbeat music, and have as much fun setting up your new place together as you can. Whose towels do you keep? Talk about it while you’re unpacking the towels. Do some of the towels go better with the colors of the bathroom? Are one set of towels better quality? How many towels will you need and which ones do you both like? Figure out these decisions as you unpack, together.
  • If you need to, call in a professional. Professional Organizers are fantastic to have on site when setting up a new place because they can help you organize and unclutter as you work. If you have interior design questions (What should we hang on the walls?), call in an interior designer for a few hours. Having a third party present is also great for keeping emotions in check. It’s difficult to raise your voice in front of a stranger.
  • For more tips go to: http://unclutterer.com/2011/01/07/ask-unclutterer-tips-for-moving-in-together/


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