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The joy of publishing your eBook (part 1)

My new eBook hot off the press!

On this raining and horrendously humid Friday in Brisbane Australia, I have decided to stop procrastinating (like a good organiser) and get my eBooks out into the world. It is after all, one of my main goals for 2011 – so no time like the present!

It is one thing to have your eBooks happily sitting on your website waiting for the millions of visitors to download them  http://www.domesticdownsizing.com.au/ebook-download.htm, but I realise I have to take them on the publishing road if I want anyone to actually find them and read them.

As I am pretty much just flying by the seat of my pants I thought I would share some links with my readers as I go.

Feel free to add any great publishing links you know in the comments below to share.  Stay tuned for Part 2 – no doubt I will still be at it on Sunday night…


4 thoughts on “The joy of publishing your eBook (part 1)

  1. Yes 2011 the year to get those books published. I will be using create Space as you have mentioned, they make it so easy. Thanks for the other links too.

  2. Hi Kerri
    Really enjoy your posts. Thanks for the links about resources, will definitely look at ebook cover. I paid for a basic one, but this one looks better.
    I just joined Stockfresh following that recommendation from Michelle, but who do you use for your images, they suit your posts really well.
    Will enjoy reading more

    • Hi Maureen, thanks for your comment. I will also take a look at Stockfresh, at the moment I just find random shots that aren’t copyrighted (I will plead my innocence when the cops come a-knocking!)

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