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My laptop rules my life!

My post is a bit late today – the reason being is that my Word Press blog went down because I thought I was smart and put a new name server on it. Turns out I wasn’t so smart so I had to undo everything and $$ down the drain.

But in the instant that I realised my blog was down, my mood plummeted, I was short and snappy with people, I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I didn’t even want to leave my desk to go to the loo until I had resolved it (with the help of a techie in Asia somewhere!)

This made me think, why do we allow our laptops to rule our lives to the extent that we treat the “living” things in our world as second rate citizens? How many times has the dog not gone for a walk because you were working on your website? How many meals have you forgone because you were watching webinars or reading articles on how to improve your life? What other areas of you life have been put on hold or forgotten about because your eyes were glued to the screen and your fingers to the keyboard?

Uncorking new opportunities!

This year, I aim to take a stand against the time I spend on my laptop and not with the people I love. No more “are you coming to bed now?” as I slave away until the wee small hours. No more Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings tapping away when I could be sitting on the verandah with my husband watching the sun go down with some wine and cheese.

In fact, I am going to start right now since the sun is going down. Well, right after I post this blog of course.  Now…where is that bottle opener?


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