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Three common organising mistakes

A rainbow of organising styles

Another handy post from unclutterer.com

If you’ve hit a stumbling block in your organizing process, you may have come up against one of the three common organizing mistakes:

  1. Choosing form over function. It’s easy to fall in love with aesthetically appealing organizing products. However, unless the storage product is one that you’ll use consistently and exactly fits your needs, the storage product can end up being clutter and/or creating disorder. Avoid this pitfall by identifying your needs first, then seek out a storage product you’ll enjoy using (if you even need one).
  2. Organizing for the sake of organizing. Clutter is defined as any distraction that gets in the way of the life you desire. Therefore, if you get caught up in organizing and lose sight of its purpose, you can start cluttering up your time organizing. Make things as organized as they need to be to pursue the life you want, and stop your organizing efforts there.
  3. Believing you can’t be organized. Organizing is a skill, similar to swimming and riding a bike. Anyone of sound mind and body who wants to be organized can be organized, but you have to practice, try different methods, and be willing to learn from your mistakes. No one is “naturally” organized — some people might be more adept at learning these skills, but those people were not born with day planners in their hands. People like me (who seem naturally disorganized) can become organized, it just takes more work and focus.

To read more go to: http://unclutterer.com/2010/11/15/three-common-organizing-mistakes/


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